April 21st, 2012 - July 27th, 2012

The Fitchburg Art Museum has collaborated with Fitchburg State University and Warner Babcock Institute of Green Chemistry and Beyond Benign, a green chemistry education non-profit organization, to concoct an innovative exhibition that explores the chemistry between art and science. The opening event included a talk by world- renowned scientist and green chemistry pioneer Dr. John Warner. The opening also included experimental films, poetry readings, music, and performance art. Following the opening, there was also an artists’ talk on Thursday, April 26.

This ground-breaking exhibition is curated by Jerry Beck in collaboration with a class of Fitchburg State University students led by professor Dr. Robert Carr. The concept is for students, artists, scientists, and the public to come together to learn how art and science combine to create a more environmentally safe and sustainable world. Participating artists include: Merril Comeau, Jay Critchley, Bob Harmon Jr., Alexa Kleinbard, Tim Legros, Charles Mayer, Peter McLean, Alison Nesbitt McTyre, Kate Gilbert, Karen Moss, Ian Murray, Stephanie Nichols, Patrick Pierce, Michael Rivera, Collette A. Shumate Smith, Tom Stanford, Ilene Sunshine, Steve Syverson, and Michal Truelsen. The artists offer an exquisite assortment of drawings, paintings, glassworks, ceramics, mixed media, sculpture, photography, film, and video. Each work of art is a footprint for crossing the previously black and white boundary between science and art.

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