Interior Effects: Furniture in Contemporary Art

Interior Effects pays tribute to New England’s history of furniture manufacturing through an exploration of the unique capacity of interior furnishings to embody cultural traditions and to shape the spaces within which we live and work.


Ellen Wetmore: A Capricious Catalogue of Grotesques

Ellen Wetmore’s Grotesques—both her 2014 video and ongoing series of drawings on marbled paper—lyrically unite variable collections of subjects keenly observed. Bodies, monsters, characters from fairy tales, architectural facades, and historical…


Discover Ancient Egypt

Designed to appeal to school groups and families, this interactive gallery introduces visitors to the wonders of one of the oldest and most accomplished civilizations in recorded history.


Evoking Eleanor

This exhibition explores the art, life, and legacy of one of Fitchburg's most beloved citizens: FAM Founder Eleanor Norcross (1854-1923). Eleanor Norcross was a charming, graceful, fiercely intelligent artist and...