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Howard Johnson: Phantastrophies

Howard Johnson, a life-long resident of Worcester, Massachusetts, is one of the most original and distinctive artists working in New England today. His artwork has often been described as “visionary,” and indeed he has spent his entire career... 


Global Africa: Creativity, Continuity, and Change in African Art

An exhibition of classic, contemporary and commissioned art objects including masks, masquerades with videos, photographs, carved portraits, textiles, metal arts as currency, and an interactive Learning Lounge for all ages.


Discover Ancient Egypt

Designed to appeal to school groups and families, this interactive gallery introduces visitors to the wonders of one of the oldest and most accomplished civilizations in recorded history.


Evoking Eleanor

This exhibition explores the art, life, and legacy of one of Fitchburg's most beloved citizens: FAM Founder Eleanor Norcross (1854-1923). Eleanor Norcross was a charming, graceful, fiercely intelligent artist and...